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A smiling baby lying in a soft cot (furniture).

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Among the things you need to prepare when expecting a baby are baby furniture pieces which are designed especially for the little one.

The crib is one if the basic essentials for your baby nursery. It is here where the baby will rest and sleep. Choose a sturdy crib with a firm mattress. Be careful not to place pillows or any other things inside the crib while the baby is also inside to prevent suffocation from happening.

A baby stroller may also be one of the essentials in caring for a baby. It is here where the baby will be placed when taking a walk outside of the house instead of carrying the infant. Select a stroller made of durable and comfortable materials and with safety features like wheel brakes and adequate awning.

A car seat for the baby is used when you need to drive with the baby inside the car. There are car seats that come with specially designed strollers.

A rocking chair or a glider is for putting the baby to sleep. Sometimes, the baby needs to be held and cuddled before she can sleep well and the rocking chair is great to use when instances like this happen.

A baby hammock is also useful baby furniture that can help lull babies to sleep. There are hammocks that can also double as a crib for younger infants who still cannot stand. Make sure the hammock is attached firmly.

A changing table is to be used when it is time to change nappies. The table must be anchored firmly to the wall and since the table usually do not have borders, never leave the baby unattended as she might turn and fall to the ground.

The baby closet is for keeping and storing baby’s clothes, diapers and other supplies. The closet must be placed in an accessible area where you can easily reach for the clothes or diapers inside.

The high chair is especially useful during baby’s feeding time. Finding high chairs that are simple to maintain and keep away. You may also choose a high chair with sturdy harness for baby’s protection.


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matching chair

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As usually I was surfing online when I came across this idea of Milk paint. And I thought, “hm… didn’t know there was such a thing…” on reading more about it, here’s some information I found on it.

As much as possible we want to make our home the safest haven for our children and one way to do this is to use nontoxic materials which cannot possibly harm our little ones. The home furniture may be repainted with Milk Paint, a mixture that is water-based and free of toxins.

Milk paint is not a newborn concept or technology. In fact it has been used by people for more than thousands of years already. The milk paint was initially used for decoration as seen on the oldest surfaces of the earth. For instance there’s the tomb of Tutankhamen where the excavated artifacts were coated with milk paint.

The milk paint, however, cannot commercially compete with oil-based paint in the market mainly because of its shorter storage life. This is due to the fact that milk paint, as the name implies, is made from milk, lime and pigments for coloring.  It spoils easily unless refrigerated, but even so the milk paint can only last slightly longer and not as long as oil-based paints. Through the years different recipes for milk paint have been developed with the addition of borax (for preservation and assist the lime to dissolve), olive oil, eggs, wax and animal glue.

The non-toxic contents of milk paint make it ideal to be used in painting children’s furniture. It can be used as an effort to participate in green and eco friendly lifestyle. Surfaces painted with milk paint may appear like an antique piece with textured appearance and matte finish.

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Fence Picking for your Home

It is quite obvious that fences are different from one another not only in terms of their appearance but in many other factors as well. What we can easily see is that fences have differing sizes and height, yet behind that size difference are the varying purposes for which fences are built for.

When we are picking the fence for our property, the first probable factor we consider is the purpose for that fence. Based on its function we can then select the appropriate size, materials and design for the fence. There are fences built to define the line of your property, to provide privacy, to serve as ornament, to confine children and pets, to keep other animals out, to block harmful elements, to act as plant support and for safety reasons like pool fencing, etc.

Upon determining the function of the fence, its height can then be decided for. If it is solely for privacy, a really high fence needs to be installed and built. Same concept goes true if you want the fence to block out sunlight or wind. If the fence will be used as an ornament in your garden, then it must be kept at an average height so the beauty of your garden, along with the exquisiteness of the fence will also be shown. When deciding on the height of the fence, you will also need to consider if the height you prefer will comply with the building codes in your place. Ensure that that the fence would not exceed the boundaries of the property.

Then you will also need to select the style or design of your fence that will reflect some character. This will depend on your personal preference and on the style of your house. Suppose you have a grand Victorian home, a chain link fence will certainly not be suitable. If your house style and design is flexible enough to fit any kind of fence, you may base your selection based on what effect you like. You may want a rustic look with a rough wood fence or a neat fence that is made from materials that are easy to maintain. So before you call up fencing contractors and ask for quotes, it’s be good to consider those factors first. So you’ll know what you want.

As for me, If I need a fence for my home, I want it clean and simple. Only because I want as little maintenance as possible.  How do you like your fencing?

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For the Best Lawn Care Possible

lawn in August2
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Some homeowners take pride in their lawn or yard. However it takes extra effort to make the yard a great sight to see. The steps are quite simple but you need to take them seriously in order to make a best lawn care possible.

Majority of the grass types require a height of about 2-3 inches on early fall and spring. On summer, however, allow the grass to grow a little bit higher for optimum health. When mowed at the right height, the turf will be able to absorb the most needed sunshine. Just leave the clipping on the ground because aside from being hard to pick, the left clippings will decompose naturally and add extra nutrients to the soil.

It is also essential that the blades of your mower are sharp. Inspect the mower blades every after mowing to know if they need some sharpening. Twice a year sharpening is probably good enough for most homeowners.

The grass also needs just the right amount of water to stay nourished. The water intake of the grass thus needs to be regulated. Some grass can endure drought but definitely not flooding. Majority of grasses need to take up to 1.5 inches in a week’s time. Guessing may not be good especially during rainy season. Instead invest on a good rain gauge so you know when the grass needs more or needs less supply of water.

A balanced diet is also good for the grass. Fertilizers are great for certain kinds of grass but some turf species actually don’t need a single drop or spoon of fertilizer.

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A Garden Inside Your Home

Mini Garden

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When it comes to gardens, what most of us would envision is a beautiful garden in our front yard with healthy maintained grass, colorful flowers and garden benches. When I was younger, I’ve always wanted a beautiful old England style garden with rows of blooming hedges, mini foundation and a small garden table and chair. So I could sit back on a sunny day to read or book with a cup of tea in hand. Or maybe with this time and age, a laptop and a coffee. Hahaha. Of course then we realize, sometimes managing a beautiful garden isn’t as easy as it seems. With many of us living in apartments and all, a garden isn’t  always the first thing we can perceive. But then again, maybe we should all looking into indoor gardens.

There are many other different types of garden aside from this commonly perceived garden. In fact gardens are not only limited to be placed or situated outside our homes for even inside our homes, we may also keep a fresh garden.

An indoor garden is ideal for people who love plants yet only have limited space at home such as in urban or city areas. If you want an indoor garden, you must understand that keeping one may be too dissimilar from keeping an outdoor garden where plants are provided with natural sunlight, humidity and temperature. Keeping an indoor garden design may require extra effort from the gardener.

Indoor plants may be grown inorganically, meaning you will have to use inert or unnatural means to support your plants and maintain an appropriate level of light, temperature and soil condition. Indoor plants may also be grown hydroponically (rock sand with liquid plant nutrients) or without the use of soil in growing plants. You will also need some of the basic gardening tools to help maintain your garden.

Keep in mind that the main thing that plants need is light so they can make their own foods with photo synthesis and you have to provide light in indoor gardening. The idea is to provide the right amount, too little will make the plants malnourished while too much will scorch your plants. You can do this by placing your plants by the largest window in your house where light enters or by using fluorescent or incandescent lamps.

Choose plants whose size is just suitable for the space you have at home. Keep the temperature at the right amount too. You will have no problem with this if your house is quite insulated otherwise you may need to install some controls for the indoor temperature because when it gets too warm or too cold, the plant may very well die. It’s also a good idea to ask a gardens professional for tips and advice say from your local nursery or gardening shop.  Don’t be shy about it, it’s better to find out any unsure answer before it’s too late and you end up with a dying plant.

I personally may not be ready for a amazing indoor garden, but I’m sure I can handle a cactus plant or too. 😛 Leave me a message if anyone has a indoor garden and how it is. I would love to find out more about it.

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For those of you who aren’t youtube addicts yet, it’s awesome to find some helpful tips and DIY ideas. I often find myself spending maybe way too long watching these youtube clips, whether for entertainment or trying to find out how to do something… There’s like nearly something for everyone. 🙂

This video’s pretty interesting and helpful. Enjoy~

Tips On How To Remodel Your Kitchen : Tile Design for Counter Tops: Free Online Home Improvement Tips for the Kitchen

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Renovating the kitchen may range from a major overhaul to some trivial furniture replacement. With many families today being more conscience of where their money is going, many homeowners will find it practical to go for some minor changes in the kitchen. Such as upgrading the kitchen furniture which will enhance the appearance and functionality of the kitchen.

Some kitchen furniture upgrades can be done by a carpenter if you want customized furniture items or you can visit your furniture retailer and look for some pieces that are fanciful. Aside from the basic stoves, ovens and cooking equipment, a kitchen furniture also include everything from cabinets, cupboards, tables, chairs, stool to wine racks.

Upgrading the kitchen furniture means choosing something that will offer improvement either in looks or functionality or both. For instance the colors of your chosen pieces must be in harmony with the color of the kitchen. It would not necessarily mean having everything in a single color; they just need to complement each other. Work first with the larger furniture then you can deal later with the smaller ones.

You may also opt to install a hood above your kitchen stove so you can lessen the odor and smoke while cooking. Very helpful if you prefer to stir fry or steam your food as I do. Since the odor and oil from the cooking can damage your furniture over time. Especially for those who have a open kitchen. You may keep pan and pots inside the cabinet but you may also choose racks instead. You may choose rack models which are foldable so you can easily store them away easily. While it’ll be a good idea for have a larger pantry installed for bigger families.

A minor kitchen renovation can give your kitchen a refreshing touch and save money. When I had a new dish washer and table tops installed, I know I felt a lot better in the kitchen! There are also various styles of kitchen furniture to choose from. There’s the fully fitted style that will utilize the utmost space in the kitchen. Such units are assembled by the manufacturer to fit in your kitchen corners. However, these units cannot easily be removed when needed.

There is also freestanding furniture for the kitchen. These units offer convenience but will not use the maximum storage space. There are factory built units too which are assembled using metal fittings. Then of course there are the bespoke furniture for the kitchen which will make your kitchen look very chic.

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