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One of the greatest dreams any person would wish to accomplish one day is to build and live in his or her own house. Conversely, house building is one of those expensive projects which a person may wish to do so you may need to save money before this dream may come true.

The cost of a finished house is basically appraised per square footage. Yet there are various other factors that affect the cost of house building, considering that each home may me distinct from other houses.

First there are the design and the specifications of the house. This involves the quantity and quality of the materials and building supplies that will be used in building the home structure. Nowadays, even the substandard construction materials may add up to a high cost. The other things that will be used in your house such as window frames, doors and balustrades will also affect the design and the costs.

Unless you are a carpenter or know some home builders who can perform all related tasks in home building, you will probably not need to hire laborers. Yet to finish the house within the feasible time period, you may need to allot a part of the budget for labor expenses.

The time it will take to build your home will also play a major role in the cost of your home building. This will be especially true if you have a construction loan to pay.

As much as you want to practice accuracy in calculating the cost of the home building project, precision may at times become a part of the building tasks. There might be wastage in materials such as damaged concrete blocks or broken tiles; and this will also affect your home building expenses. To avoid unnecessary spending you will need to find ways on how to control possible waste such as careful handling and storage of materials.


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concrete shores

Image by Robert in Toronto via Flickr

We all know how concrete can be very dull and no good for designs with its gray color and plain appearance. Many of us would probably feel there isn’t much use for concrete other than in concrete construction works. Yet that is only true if no special processes are incorporated to the concrete. There are various methods concreters can use to change the finishes of concrete. So when they are applied, it can make the surface of concrete to be a lot more aesthetically valuable and functional too:

  • Broom finishing is done by pulling a stiff broom across the freshly poured concrete to add texture and lessen the chances of slipping especially on roads.
  • Colored concrete is staining the concrete with dyes and colors to enhance the appearance. It can be achieved in two ways. One is to buy a ready colored concrete mix or you may also dust the coloring powder onto the top layer of the concrete surface. Dust on coloring usually result to more consistent designs. For example, by coloring polished concrete, you can create some interesting designs.
  • Exposed or washed finish is basically washing away the top layer of the concrete so the stone natural aggregates are visible. You can commonly see this in many older cities.
  • Salt finish is done by sowing rock salt in the surface and then washed to reveal small sized pits. You can see this on concreted decks of swimming pools and also in sidewalks.
  • Seeded finish makes use of decorative small stones embedded on the top layer of the concrete surface. This type of finish is somewhat similar to the exposed finish but uses non natural aggregates during installation that provides a pebbled appearance.
  • Stained concrete is done on already existing concrete surfaces. The concrete stain is sprayed on the previously treated surface. There are a range of stains available in many colors to choose from and you can use multiple shades to create a marbled effect such as in restaurant floors.
  • Stamped finish is created by stamping cookie cutter on the still soft concreted surface.

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