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Electricians are professionals who can skillfully install, maintain and repair electrical systems. Yet not all electricians are the same. They differ in the environment or setting in which they perform their electrical-related tasks.

The Domestic electricians are those who work on electrical systems and appliances in a home or residential setting. The electrician may be hired to test or fix an alarm, electrical appliances repairs and rewire existing systems. When we look for a domestic electrician, what we need to ensure is that he has the necessary qualifications and perhaps membership from a known trading association. By doing so we may be able to get great quality of services at a reasonable price.

The Commercial electricians are those whose tasks are carried out in commercial environments, big or small. Their jobs include installing, maintaining and testing old and new electrical systems and units in places like hospitals, shops, stores, malls and schools. They may be hired to work with security systems, health and safety equipments, or building rewiring. Same with hiring a domestic electrician, your commercial electrician must also possess national qualifications and trade association membership for quality assurance. They may be hired on a contract or on a short time basis only as a freelance electrician or representative of a firm.

The Industrial electricians are those who perform jobs in large industrial establishments, buildings and factories. They install, maintain, troubleshoot and repair the equipments, controls and units that utilize electricity in the industrial work environment. They are supposed to be adept and familiar with repairing robotic and computerized electrical equipments which are commonly seen and found in many industrial and manufacturing companies. They regularly check if the electrical facilities are in good working conditions to avoid any major damages that can affect the productivity of the factory. An industrial electrician may work exclusively for a certain company by contract as a freelance or as a representative of a contracting firm.


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The Plumbing Career

The plumbing career is one of the important professions that make up a community. The plumber’s work is one of those things which make our lives a lot easier. In some areas, plumbers obtain their licenses based on their expertise or which area of plumbing they are adept at performing. There are numerous tasks that a plumbers needs to know in order for them to be given licenses.

There are plumbers who install pipes in newly constructed homes, while some install pipes in commercial and industrial places. There are plumbers who work in residential facilities and there are also commercial plumbers hired to work in commercial or industrial settings.

Like other professions, the plumbing career also offers specializations to plumbers. For instance, a plumber may specialize in working with a sprinkler system or fixing gas lines.

Most plumbers know the basic unclogging of a drain to more complex tasks related to plumbing. When hiring a plumber you need to first check the license of that person to know if he can really get the job done. Like if you need your water line or gas line fixed, you will see in his license if he is indeed certified to perform the task.

The plumber’s license will show you the level of expertise of that plumber. The license level will indicate how experienced a plumber is. There are the apprentice level, the journey level and the master level. Apprentice level license is for plumbers at a legal age who have just started their career in plumbing. The journey level license is for those who have finished the apprenticeship and required number of training hours from a master plumber. When the required amount of working hours is completed by a lumber with journey level license, he can then take a test regulated by the state or government to acquire the master plumber license.

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Hi Everyone

Hello, after reading many blogs in all sorts of topics. I’ve decided to start my own blog 🙂 and share information, funny things and other home tips. I hope you’ll enjoying reading my posts as much as I enjoy posting them!

Thanks for reading.

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