One of the greatest dreams any person would wish to accomplish one day is to build and live in his or her own house. Conversely, house building is one of those expensive projects which a person may wish to do so you may need to save money before this dream may come true.

The cost of a finished house is basically appraised per square footage. Yet there are various other factors that affect the cost of house building, considering that each home may me distinct from other houses.

First there are the design and the specifications of the house. This involves the quantity and quality of the materials and building supplies that will be used in building the home structure. Nowadays, even the substandard construction materials may add up to a high cost. The other things that will be used in your house such as window frames, doors and balustrades will also affect the design and the costs.

Unless you are a carpenter or know some home builders who can perform all related tasks in home building, you will probably not need to hire laborers. Yet to finish the house within the feasible time period, you may need to allot a part of the budget for labor expenses.

The time it will take to build your home will also play a major role in the cost of your home building. This will be especially true if you have a construction loan to pay.

As much as you want to practice accuracy in calculating the cost of the home building project, precision may at times become a part of the building tasks. There might be wastage in materials such as damaged concrete blocks or broken tiles; and this will also affect your home building expenses. To avoid unnecessary spending you will need to find ways on how to control possible waste such as careful handling and storage of materials.

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Did you know moving is considered one of the most stressful tasks? I think most of us will know what a pain it is and for those of us who need to do it often. We probably have a small set of belongings to make the task just a little more easier. There are many things that need to be prepared prior to moving. We might even need to rent a furniture storage service or if your things aren’t as large, maybe a self storage service would be more suitable to keep our belongings. If we aren’t able to move it straight to its new location. Another one of them is to get boxes for the belongings to be packed into and transported to the new home or location. One way to ensure that your belongings will arrive safe and sound to their new destination is to use proper and appropriate boxes and packing containers.

  • Cardboard boxes where your different stuffs will be packed are of different types. You need to make certain that you are familiar with these boxes and you have sufficient materials to safeguard the condition of your properties.
  • A file box is specifically used to store and transport files in an organized and neat way. Most people will just insert documents in envelopes and pack them in pockets of their suitcases, but if there are a lot of files to be moved, then the file box is a definite requirement for the move.
  • A lamp box is for properly packing your tall, narrow and delicate lamps.
  • A picture box is not just to be used for photos but for anything that are delicately framed such as glass mirrors and artworks. A picture box is almost flat and it is also adjustable which makes it perfect in holding fragile framed articles.
  • A medium-sized box is what you need for packing anything that do not require any special packing such as pans, toys or pillows. You may need more of this kind of box than any other boxes for your move.
  • A kitchen box is what you will need to pack special kitchen stuffs like silverware, china and glassware. It is made of some cells or panels that will hold the kitchen items in place.
  • A large box will be used for packing bigger stuffs like linens, clothes and disassembled pieces of home furnitures. Take care not to overload this box that it will be hard to lift it.
  • A wardrobe box is like a portable closet with a bar at the top where you can pack your clothes in hangers.
  • Finally, an extra-large box is for packing really huge pieces that need to be transported like furniture, blankets and comforters.

Once we’re set with the move, we’ll just have to worry work on unpacking all our treasures.

In Season Mowing

Lawn mower

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A greatly maintained lawn requires sufficient information about proper mowing. This includes knowing the right time to cut the grass. Lawn mowing is not about trimming the grass too short but cutting it at a certain height will allow the grass plant to get maximum sunlight and stay nourished.

In some regions around the world, there are 4 seasons which happen within a year: Winter, spring, summer and fall. Those who do not know about proper lawn care may think that any season is good for mowing. This of course is not true. The ideal seasons for mowing the lawn is during the dry seasons of summer, spring and fall. There’s a logical reason for this aside from the obvious fact that it can be very cold during winter and you would not see the turf because it is covered with grass.

Proper mowing is done when the grass leaves are dry. Dry grass will allow the mower blades to better cut the grass. Imagine walking and mowing the lawn when the grass is still wet from the rain or melted snow. Surely as you move across the lawn, your footsteps as well as that of the lawn mower will create patches of mud on the ground. Besides, the grass leaves will stick to one another and become compacted, thus disallowing any mowing activity to take place.

Grass also needs just the right amount of water in order to grow. When there are environmental occurrences in your area, not only humans can be affected but grasses as well. Lack of water can stress the turf, although there are some species of grass that are known to endure drought seasons. Without enough water, the grass may stop from growing so you should not mow the lawn.

The frequency of mowing shall also be based on the type of the grass. Fine grass types in ornamental lawns usually need to be trimmed after 3 days if they grow rapidly. Longer grass types in utility lawns may be cut only once within a week.

The Power of Colors

Colourful room

Colors make the world beautiful and make us appreciate life more. Colors too have certain powers that if used properly can create a desired effect on the mood or in the aspect of designing. We see colours everywhere and we can easily change and incorporate different color schemes in our homes through the use of paints, wallpapering and different pieces of furniture at home.
If you want to make the room appear larger, you will need to choose cool colors like blue and green. Cool colors give you an impression that they are receding or backing away from you. Whereas warm colors like orange and red make you feel that they advance or approach you, thus they are used to make the room seem smaller.
Suppose you want to lighten the color of the wall or its effect in a room, choose accessories and furniture which require contrast as you look at them. For instance you painted your wall with striking brick red, the effect can be balanced with furniture in antique-white paint. A sky blue wall can be enhanced by using accessories with golden yellow color.
To brighten a room with inadequate light, paint the room white that can bounce off light and illuminate the area. If a room is entirely painted with white, you can choose virtually any accent as white is a neutral color that will not clash with other shades. To prevent a too sterile appearance, choose accents with rich colors. You can also get your house painter to pick a colors that’s easier on the eyes. Like a clean off-white color instead of pure white to create a softer effect.
Red is a very stimulating color so it would be best not to paint the whole room with red. In a room painted entirely with red, you will find that your heart rate as well as your respiration will be increased due to the effect of red on the mood. Better use red paint to create accents on your painting. Pink is the color you may want to use if you want to make the room more relaxing but not so much that you would feel exhausted. Blue is the paint color to choose to create a peaceful ambiance. Green is for calming, yellow can be stimulating while brown is for masculinity, purple is for creating a romantic effect.

Antibacterial Bathroom Tiles


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The bathroom is essentially prone to become dirty and loaded with germs considering that it is here where we groom ourselves and answer to the call of nature. This is why the bathroom needs to be cleaned regularly to eliminate the germs for the family’s protection. Aside from cleaning the bathroom, a better way of keeping the bathroom free from possible harm is by using antibacterial tiles.

In essence, antibacterial tiles are able to resist germs. It is made of ceramic with some particles of minerals like titanium dioxide which is antibacterial in nature. Commonly resisted bacteria are Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus and E coli.

Aside from resisting known bacteria, antibacterial tiles are also known to clean indoor air, air pollution and bad odor inside the bathroom is thus reduced. Some tiles need to be illuminated with light in order to activate the antibacterial property while others already have activated mineral particles.

Due to the antibacterial property of the tiles, they are also capable of cleaning themselves. Yet this would not mean that you will never clean the bathroom tiles. Instead you will just provide some minimum cleaning such as mopping when certain substances spilt on the tiles. What’s great is that you will not need to use harsh cleaners and antiseptics, thereby reducing your and your family’s risk to harmful chemical exposure and lessen your household maintenance cost.

Types of Concrete Finishes

concrete shores

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We all know how concrete can be very dull and no good for designs with its gray color and plain appearance. Many of us would probably feel there isn’t much use for concrete other than in concrete construction works. Yet that is only true if no special processes are incorporated to the concrete. There are various methods concreters can use to change the finishes of concrete. So when they are applied, it can make the surface of concrete to be a lot more aesthetically valuable and functional too:

  • Broom finishing is done by pulling a stiff broom across the freshly poured concrete to add texture and lessen the chances of slipping especially on roads.
  • Colored concrete is staining the concrete with dyes and colors to enhance the appearance. It can be achieved in two ways. One is to buy a ready colored concrete mix or you may also dust the coloring powder onto the top layer of the concrete surface. Dust on coloring usually result to more consistent designs. For example, by coloring polished concrete, you can create some interesting designs.
  • Exposed or washed finish is basically washing away the top layer of the concrete so the stone natural aggregates are visible. You can commonly see this in many older cities.
  • Salt finish is done by sowing rock salt in the surface and then washed to reveal small sized pits. You can see this on concreted decks of swimming pools and also in sidewalks.
  • Seeded finish makes use of decorative small stones embedded on the top layer of the concrete surface. This type of finish is somewhat similar to the exposed finish but uses non natural aggregates during installation that provides a pebbled appearance.
  • Stained concrete is done on already existing concrete surfaces. The concrete stain is sprayed on the previously treated surface. There are a range of stains available in many colors to choose from and you can use multiple shades to create a marbled effect such as in restaurant floors.
  • Stamped finish is created by stamping cookie cutter on the still soft concreted surface.

Common Painting Difficulties

A house that is properly painted can really make any homeowner proud and satisfied. Yet over time, the painted surface will have certain flaws, which may not be easily resolved by some homeowners without adequate knowledge about house painting.

One of the commonly encountered problem regarding painted surfaces is bleeding. You can see this on exterior and indoor surfaces which were painted without first removing the stain. In time the covered stain will show through the paint. You can repaint the area every time it bleeds or you may want to spray shellac first on the stain before painting.

Another common painting problem painters face is blistering. This occurs if you painted a wet surface. The moisture gets trapped under the paint and lifts up as it accumulates. This is why it is essential to make sure the area you are painting is absolutely dry.

Painted surfaces naturally chalk and paint due to aging. If the amount of adding and chalking, however, are excessive, it may be due to a water problem like a wet subsurface. Digging down to the subsurface may be necessary so you can put up a barrier between the source of moisture and the painted surface.

Nail popping is also another problem encountered with painted surfaces. Improperly hammered nails usually cause protrusion in the painted surface. When there is a rust mark in the protrusion, it means that there is moisture where the nail pops up. You need to see into your wall to know where the moisture comes from to resolve the problem.

Wrinkling usually occurs in outdoor painted areas which may be caused either by too much applied paint of if you painted the area on a hot day. It may be possible that the problem was caused by a not so dry primer or previous coat. You will need to do some paint stripping for the wrinkled paint and start again.

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