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Carpet Installation Tools

View of new carpet when walking upstairs

Image by Shana Lee via Flickr

One way to cut cost in carpet installation is to set up the carpet on your own instead of hiring somebody else to do it. The task is easy provided you have the right and appropriate tools to get the job done.

To know which tools you need when carpeting, you may read about useful articles on the internet before having a trip to your local hardware store. Some of the essential tools to be used in carpet installation include:

  • a tape measure. You will need this to get the exact dimensions of the room so you know how much carpeting materials you will need.
  • nails (concrete or masonry) and a hammer. The tack board will have to be attached on the floor by the use of nails and the hammer. Be sure to know what type is your subfloor made of so you can buy appropriate kinds of nails.
  • tack strip. In order to hold the carpet down and in place, the tack strip may be installed around the room’s perimeter. Tack strips are not like band aid strips for first aid, instead they are made of flat wooden strips on top of which small nails are attached that you can use to push the carpet on and stay in place.
  • carpet padding. The carpet alone may feel soft when you touch it but when laid on the floor, it may become somewhat hard. Therefore you will need laid cushion on the entire floor up to the tack strips you have installed.
  • carpet glue. You will use ample amount of glue to hold the padding to the floor.
  • trimmers or special carpet shears. When you lay the carpet on the floor, of course you should expect that some areas may require cutting in order to snugly fit at the edges of the floor.
  • power stretcher. In order to make the carpet tight, this is the tool which you need to use. It will pull the carpet from the tack strip without damage and will ensure that no wrinkles will appear on the carpet after it has been installed.

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Venitian blind.

Image via Wikipedia

Window treatments are additions to the windows which may add to the functionality and aesthetic quality of the window. The most common window treatment that we know of and use are curtains. Drapes come in various fabrics with different colors and styles that can help create a casual to elegant ambiance.

Aside from curtains, other window treatment alternatives are also available. For instance there’s the honeycomb or cellular blinds. They help maximize your home’s energy efficiency and help insulate the home or room. Honeycomb blinds are available in light to dark colored fabrics.

There are also window blinds made of faux wood. Such blinds that come in many wood tones and colors look like real wood but are made extra durable and less expensive than real wood. They are suitable in places where humidity level is high.

The venetian blind will probably spark your interest if you are looking for a wide variety of colors and flexible window treatments that can go well with almost any home décor.

For your picture windows or sliding doors, there’s the panel track or sliding panels. Aside from being a window treatment, it can also be used as a room divider. Sliding panels really are flexible, simple and chic solution to be used for the house.

Pleated shades are also available in the market if you want a fashionable window treatment at such lower price. They may also be enhanced with liners that allow light and privacy control.

There are also vertical blinds which can also be used in sliding doors and really huge glass windows.

Shades are not only used in indoor spaces but also in outdoor areas. The outdoor shades are great for use in patios. The blinds can stack to the left or to the right or it may also split equally from the center. You can choose venetians blinds made of vinyl, fabric or aluminum materials.

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